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You Did It!

8 million



250,000 phone calls 

163,000 text messages

All to register Michiganders to vote.

When we started this project in August there were 7.7 million registered voters.

Registered Voters in Mid-October is 8,031,709. WooHoo!!!!!!  YOU DID IT! 

Now we call for key

State House Candidates.

The ballots are out,

voters are voting,

calling continues

until Nov 3rd.

Sign up to make calls now!

Make a difference! Click on the phone icon above to register for a date and time to make calls. 


Join others on a zoom meeting where you will be trained on how to make calls in support of key State House Candidates.  

Candidates will drop in to meet callers and answer questions you may have about their positions on issues, or what they think of current events. 

After making a few, or many, calls you can return to the zoom meeting and share your experience.  


Looking forward to seeing you! 

We are still looking for phone bankers


Visit our training videos on Youtube

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