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Voting Instructions

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All registered voters in Michigan can vote by mail. Most people voting absentee will cast their ballots in October. Ballots MUST be RECEIVED by the clerk by November 3, 2020. Ballot drop boxes are conveniently located near you.  


Voting is important. Sit down with your ballot and take your time to learn about candidates and proposals in the safety of your home. The COVID-19 pandemic may affect Election Day polls options. This website was last updated on September 1, 2020 and we will do our best to provide the latest news.  


To receive an Absent Voter's Ballot you must be a registered voter and you must submit an Application for Absent Voter's Ballot to your clerk. Here are the steps from the Secretary of State’s Office:


1)  Check to make sure you are registered to vote (Click Here)Need to register? (Click Here) Visit the Secretary of State on-line   


2)  Get an Absent Voter's Ballot Application 

a) Apply on-line Absent Voter Application


b) Print out the application form, fill it in, SIGN IT!  

Remember to check the Future Elections box to join the PERMANENT ABSENT VOTER APPLICATION LIST. 

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If you become a PERMANENT ABSENT VOTER, your clerk will send you an Absent Voter's Ballot Request form for all upcoming elections. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE REQUEST IN ORDER TO GET AN ABSENTEE BALLOT.  

3)  Mail, email or deliver the Absent Voter's Ballot application to your city clerk. Find your clerk here:

About 45 days before the election the Ballot will arrive in your mail and you can take your time to study the proposals and candidates before you complete the ballot. Be careful to follow all the instructions so your ballot is certain to be counted. 

4)  Fill out the Ballot. Complete the partisan and the non-partisan sections. Check the back side.   


IMPORTANT: IF YOU SPOIL THE BALLOT (mark the wrong candidate, use the wrong color pen, tear the paper, among other things) RETURN THE BALLOT TO THE CLERK TO GET A NEW BALLOT.


NOTE: If you use a chemical substance, like white out, you have spoiled your ballot.  

5)  Get your Ballot to the clerk BEFORE NOVEMBER 3RD. Your post mark date DOES NOT MATTER. The ballot MUST BE AT THE CLERK'S OFFICE on election day. Drop off before November 3, 2020 at your city clerk’s office or local drop box

6)  Track your Ballot at the Secretary of State here or use this easy link to Ballot Power.

Voting from home is SAFE and SECURE.

Voting at polls on November 3, 2020 is also an option. Be kind, wear a mask.  

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