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Digital Warriors Program

SWIM has partnered with DemCast USA and Liberal Leadership League to provide activists with the messages and infrastructure needed to promote our candidates and amplify a positive message for Michigan's future.

About the Project

10 Minutes a Day!

This action is for anyone with a bit of social media savvy and a few minutes a day. If you are interested in supporting our Michigan State House Candidates, sign up as a volunteer and join a training below or visit our YouTube page for recordings. You will also get the chance to help U.S. Congressional and Senate candidates.

Click ice cream to volunteer!


Digital Warriors Program

Join an upcoming training or visit our YouTube for recordings. Leaders are welcome to use the slides posted to train their members.

Social Media Basic Training 101 - What's a Twitter Room?

Digital Warrior Training -

Helping Candidates

How to Write an Amazing Tweet

(see YouTube for demo - no slides)

Beyond Twitter (FB, Instagram, and more)

(see YouTube demo - no slides)

Twitter Analytics

(see YouTube demo - no slides)

Training Videos
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